The John Lennon FBI files


initial release
after settlement

These four paragraphs, along with two on the next page, contain the substance of the newly released documents. Originally withheld in its entirety as "national security information provided by a foreign government," this page reports information about Lennon's relationships with British New Left activists Tariq Ali and Robin Blackburn, which were well-known and widely publicized at the time. The relationship of the underground newspaper the "Red Mole" to the International Marxist Group, and its Trotskyist affiliations, was also no secret -- see for example the entry at Wikipedia. The name of the "foreign government" intelligence services this provided this information remains classified, but it must be Britain's MI5.

This document consists of four pages: HQ33 Page 1, HQ33 Page 2, HQ33 Page 3, HQ33 Page 4


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