The John Lennon FBI files


initial release
after settlement

This memo was sent to E.S. Miller, head of the FBI's Domestic Intelligence Division at the time. Miller was convicted in 1980 of conspiring to violate individuals' civil rights by authorizing break-ins and searchs of the homes of five people suspected of having ties to Weather Underground fugitives. That made Miller (along with Mark Felt) the only FBI agent ever to hve been convicted of crimes committed while on duty. Shakeckelford was an unidicted co-conspirator. One additional sentence of this memo has been released: "Lennon has taken interest in 'extreme left-wing activities in Britain' and is known to be sympathizer of Trotksyist communists in England." This sentence has been withheld since 1981 on the grounds that releasing it would endanger the national security of the U.S.

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